Better Choices

Better Accountability

Better Security

Better Elections

The Petition

Too often we can only pick between the lesser of two evils when we go to vote.

We think Missourians deserve better.

The Better Elections amendment, to be on the 2022 ballot, will:

Expand voters' freedom to choose the leaders who represent them

Make politicians more accountable to their voters

Improve the integrity of our elections

Give regular Missourians more power and more control in our democracy

The Policy

The Better Elections Amendment gives voters more choice, more power to hold politicians accountable, and improves the integrity of elections. It will:  

  • Get rid of separate partisan primaries so all voters can vote for any candidate in a combined primary
  • Send the top four candidates with the most votes on to the general election, regardless of party 
  • Give voters the power to rank the final four candidates from first choice to last, OR just vote for their first choice
  • Require that all electronic voting machines be tested and certified as secure before they are used, require a paper trail of individual votes in every election, and require that representatives of all political parties be present whenever paper ballots are counted or placed in storage. 

These reforms won’t fix everything — no single law can — but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from what works and take steps to make things better in Missouri. Having more choices is good in every part of life, and we certainly need more of that in politics.